Thursday, March 8, 2018

6-Week Weight Loss Plan

Do you want to look and feel good for the holidays, wedding or any other event?

Join our 6-week weight loss plan!

Weight Loss Level 1 is a 6-week Plan delivered directly to your phone via the Anytime Workouts App. The plan combines cardio, cross-training intervals and high intensity strength training workouts to help you shed unwanted pounds, trim excess body fat and sculpt a lean body. To help and support you achieve your goals we invite you to join our Facebook Support group to get daily encouragement, recipes tips, nutrition advice and more!

6 Weeks to get your body ready!

Our Virtual Weight Loss plan offers you a Personal fitness consultation at the start of the program to assess and understand your fitness likes and dislikes and discuss your goals. Then, three-times-per-week for six weeks – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday -  you will receive via our exclusive Anytime Workouts App your structured workout program; Most of the workouts will be 30-40 minutes. Throughout the 6 weeks you will receive ongoing tracking, guidance, accountability and support from the Anytime Fitness Bathgate Team

Are you ready for that body you are looking for?

Give us a call on 01506 24 3995 or 

6-week weight loss plan is free for members of Anytime Fitness Bathgate
Non-Members: £85 – Includes : 2 Month Membership, Unlimited use of the gym 24/7, Classes, Anytime Workout App, Sports towel and 3 x 1 Day Guest Passes

Don’t wait. Our next 6-Week Plan starts on Monday 19 March!

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